Far Seer

Objective of this site

The "Far Seer" provides free tactics, replays and news for Warcraft 3 and especially the Frozen Throne expansion. Many Wacraft 3 sites out there force the players to pay for so called "premium accounts" that give them access to their tactics. I want this to be free for all: A knowledge pool everyone can contribute to and use it to improve his game skills. "Far Seer" means this site, not my person.

History of this site

2003 Aug 06: The "Far Seer" was founded.

2003 Sep 17: The "Far Seer" became an official Blizzard Fan Site.

2003 Dec 01: The "Far Seer" moved to a new URL, because the original host got problems.

2004 Jan 22: Finally the most search engines find the "Far Seer" again.

Author of this site

This is MacMark, I'm living in good old Germany (that's on the other side of the globe beyond the ocean – for my friends over there in the USA) where the forrest is the greenest, darkest and deepest. I'm a wise old man sporting a long white beard and having a dark green skin plus red eyes. Errr … just the boy next door (compare the picture) being a bit too much of a fan of this game (pretty much like you're as you're visiting this page) ruining his private life by spending his free time making this web site.

MacMark pic

I prefer Orc, Human is nice too, but Night Elf - uhm I have no green fingers... and Undead - oh I dislike them, they're looking so rottened. Ah, I was wrong – correction: The other races have cool abilities too, it's fun to play them! But Orc is still my favorite due to green forrest around me. I guess you get my point …

I play Warcraft 3 at Battle.net as "MacMark". "Well. You have a lot of losses…" Well, that's because this is my only account. I never played the computer and all of my games were online ladder. I learned Warcraft the hard way online only. Did you do your first 200 games vs smurfs like I did? Thus my win percentage will be bad forever. And: I'm not the only one publishing tactics here. But the best is: you (maybe you're even gosu) can show how good you're with tactics and submit your's ;-)

Why the nick "MacMark"? I'm a Mac guy and because me and my Mac are a good team, we're "MacMark".

And yes, I authored the famous C&C God site too.

MacMark (ICQ 17461243, AIM / iChat name "realMacMark")