Far Seer

News August 2003

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New ladder maps

2003 August 12

If you play ladder games (those random map and random opponent games) you can "thumb down" a few maps of the map list that you don't wonna play. Recently Blizzard removed some maps from this ladder map list (for two players) and added a few new maps.

Obviously gone are those both island maps where you have to fly or ship if you want to attack the enemy. I won't miss them, because I disliked these maps. I played today one of the new maps and I have to say I liked it. It had fontain of health guarded by very strong units and a nice landscape.

Command And Conquer Hero dominating Warcraft 3

2003 August 07

Once a hero, always a hero. There's one player out there dominating every strategy game he plays. His battle name is CmdrCD and I'm pretty proud to know him in real life too (he's from Germany like me).

During the years when Command And Conquer was the strategy game to play, he was always one of the top players ever. Now I found that he's playing Warcraft 3 today as "CmdrCD" too (his WC3 profile) and guess what: He's ranked in the WC3 top 10 ruling the game world again. I know his playing style in C&C and to say the least, this guy is smart. Obviously that smart to dominate Warcraft 3 as he used to dominate the C&C world.

I will ask him, if he can provide some tactics or replays for this site to publish, so we can learn from one of the best!