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News November 2003

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No patch 1.13 arrival time

2003 November 21

On Blizzard's Warcraft 3 page (http://www.battle.net/war3/) you can read this entry:

October 29, 2003
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne Patch Update
Now that the Diablo II 1.10 patch is available on Battle.net, the next Warcraft III update, patch 1.13, has gone into the final stages of testing. The patch will include many significant additions, including Acts II and III of the Orc Campaign, several new World Editor features, updates to many of the maps, and numerous balance adjustments. We expect it to be released in the next few weeks. Prior to the patch’s release, we will also be changing the lineup of maps currently available for ladder play.

In addition to the patch, we will also be releasing the art tools used for Warcraft III. These tools will allow advanced users to create and implement new art in the game, adding an unprecedented level of customization.

As always, we thank you for your patience and support.

I asked John at Blizzard (a nice guy who helped me already before with some technical questions) yesterday by email:

Hi John,

I read on
that there will be anther WC3 patch (in a few weeks after October 29). Can you say when it will be?


He answered:

Currently we do not have an estimated time of arrival or information about an upcoming patch. Once a release date is set and the patch details are announced, we will post this information on our websites:


Existing patches can be found at: ("http://www.blizzard.com/patches/")

John H.
Senior Technical Support
Blizzard Entertainment

I think the web page gave way more hope for a new update to come soon. Four weeks ago Blizzard was officially on final testing and announced the patch to be available "in a few weeks". I assume "four" is "a few", right? Did they run into problems during their last test of the patch?

Smart-asses and jackasses

2003 November 19

I never played Warcraft versus the computer. My very first game was one versus one on Battle.net, a ladder match of course. I still play and will always play with this name I started with. My record has lots of losses or "lessons learned" as I look at it.

Recently I played some random team games two versus two. Now the smart-asses come into this story: Half of my games I have a team mate, with a level half as high as mine, that checks my stats and then talks to all "My partner is a complete newbie!". How annoying and dumb is this? Then I ask him why he's only half of my level. His answer: He's playing this name since 30 minutes first. Sure, sure, of course, dozens of games in 30 minutes, sure …

Then he goes on giving me silly advices what to do and that I should give him control over my units … Bullshit! I know what to do myself. And the last thing I need now is a team mate doing with my units what I don't want them to do. Shared unit control is for helping out if one partner lost his army or the team mates agree that one guy does the attacking and the other does the base building. It's not for giving a complete jackass the power to rule your army! Plus, what kind of team are we, if he insults his own partner?

Needless to say that he asks me for gold and lumber after few minutes, showing that he has no bulletproof build order. Then after I gave him what he asked for, a little later he leaves the game. Two minutes later I kill our enemies' expansions and their gold mine and workers on my own. And in the end it's a close loss for me because my smart ass partner had left without being dead.

But to save this game for me, there're better partners without an attitude out there and that makes this game fun again.