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News December 2003

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Update 1.13 available

2003 December 17

The players out there waited impatiently for this new patch to come out awaiting several changes for the game. Now it's out and the lists of changes are long:

Because it was a major change for the game, all old replays (1.12 and earlier) are incompatible to this new version 1.13. I heard of a trick saying you can run old replays by having multiple game version installed. And Blizzard promises a solution for the future (so don't trash all your old replays):

Will replays work across game versions?
Because of the way that replays are generated, they currently cannot be viewed across game versions. However, we’re investigating methods to overcome this and hopefully can allow it in the future.

The patch is available via automatic download when you connect to Battle.net, additionally it will be available for manual download soon according to Blizzard.

Blizzard says: "The patch gives you a number of fixes and enhancements, as well as two additional acts for the bonus orc campaign."

I guess you cannot wait to try out this new version like me. Ready to rumble!

Marginal note: All sites like Warcraft Replays are pretty much doomed now because they do nothing but publishing replays. Due to the game change their replay archives are now spoilages.