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News January 2004

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Update 1.14b available

2004 January 10

This patch fixes a bug. Some players experienced that they were disconnected when beginning a game on Bnet. It looks like it's because some players haven't the 1.14b patch. But recently it seems to work. I had a few games and it didn't break.

Interview with the level 50 player

2004 January 09

Sweet[SAINT] is the first to reach level 50 on the battle.net ladder. He's aka Renoma and comes from Korea. His clan is SAINT.

MBCGame: When did you start Playing Warcraft 3?

Sweet[SAINT]: In September 2002. I made a bet with one of his friends that I could beat him, but I lost, and the deal was that I would buy Warcraft3 and start playing. Sweet[SAINT] pic 1

MBCGame: What game preferences do you set before playing?

Sweet[SAINT]: I usually turn down the screen gamma to make it more dark.

MBCGame: How do you practice for Warcraft 3?

Sweet[SAINT]: I always play ladder on battle.net

MBCGame: How much do you play per day?

Sweet[SAINT]: Between 10 and 12 hours a day.

MacMark's comment: And I thought I was addicted …

MBCGame: Do you have any other favorite games?

Sweet[SAINT]: No

MBCGame: On Air what is your nickname?

Sweet[SAINT]: Devil Undead, but I think that is a bad nickname, I would prefer to be called Angel.

MBCGame: What is the coolest gamer in Saint Clan and why?Sweet[SAINT] pic 2

Sweet[SAINT]: WinNers[Saint], because he plays a neat and stable game

MBCGame: What is your favorite map and why?

Sweet[SAINT]: Turtle Rock, because I have practiced alot on that map.

MBCGame: What is the easiest race for you to beat?

Sweet[SAINT]: Human, because there are three heroes, which are all easy to beat

MBCGame: What is the hardest race for you to beat?

Sweet[SAINT]: Night Elf and Orc, because they use all different techniques each time so its hard to predict their moves

MacMark's comment: Well, I'm one of those orc players.

MBCGame: What is your favorite unit, hero, and skill?

Sweet[SAINT]: Unit: Ghoul Hero: Death Knight Skill: Sleep

MacMark's comment: I bet Sweet needs some sleep too ;-)

MBCGame: What is the longest you have played nonstop?

Sweet[SAINT]: 18 hours

MacMark's comment: Without going to the bathroom and no eat?

MBCGame: Is there is any particular way that you practice?

Sweet[SAINT]: Just playing Ladder games.

MacMark's comment: That's what I do too, but a few hours less.

MBCGame: So far who is the hardest player that you could beat?

Sweet[SAINT]: Jung Jae Hoe ( Moon[Fairs] )

MBCGame: Who is your main rival for Warcraft 3?

Sweet[SAINT]: Kang Sa Oh ( Cherry-Reign )

MBCGame: Who is the player that will always be left in your memory and why?

Sweet[SAINT]: In Prime League 2 for the quarter final, I had to play a second time against Im Hyo Jin (Anyppi.WeRRa) on Flood Plains and it was a nightmare, and I can still never forget that game vs him.

MacMark's comment: I would understand this if we would be talking about girls, but a match?

MBCGame: What was the funniest thing that has ever happened throughout your life as a game?

Sweet[SAINT]: In my team there is a guy called Dong Hyun (Unknown) and all of a sudden he just made the action Hadoken and said it, from Street Fighter, in his sleep.

MBCGame: What issues or complaints do you have about Warcraft 3?

Sweet[SAINT]: I always see people calling me a cheater too much on Battle.net Ladder and find it annoying.

MBCGame: What is your wish or desire?

Sweet[SAINT]: As Undead I want to be the top ranked in Warcraft.

MBCGame: How would you describe yourself as a gamer?

Sweet[SAINT]: I would consider myself as a very competitive gamer, probably over competitive, and if I lose I can hardly breathe.

MacMark's comment: Okay, now it's time for the doc, and I'm not refering to the orcish witch doctor.

MBCGame: How long do you want to be a progamer?

Sweet[SAINT]: For the next 2 or 3 years I want to play games a bit more, and although I retire I want to become involved into the gaming industry.

MBCGame: In each race who is the best progamer besides you?

Sweet[SAINT]: Human: Medusa[SAINT]
Because he is very logical and practices alot, and would be the closest to the Human race.

Orc: Jae Hoon Yoo (Unknown)
Because he gives good advice and he knows how to use his own strategy and creates his own uniqueness.Sweet[SAINT] pic 3

Undead: Jae Ook No (Unknown)
Out of all Undead players, he seems to know how to use effective strategies, and he is a great strategy planner.

Night Elf: Jin Woo Kim (Unknown)
Although he loses in the preliminary games, his skill is very good, and he can be a great nightelf player.

MBCGame: In PL3 (Prime League 3) whoi is your main barrier?

Sweet[SAINT]: Moon[Fairs]

MBCGame: Why do you play Undead?

Sweet[SAINT]: Because I am fascinated in the splendor of the 3 heroes and their abilities.

MBCGame: You used to play Night Elf, but currently you are an Undead Player, what are the most significant difference that you find between these two races?

Sweet[SAINT]: Nightelf's result depends on how well u can attack your opponents main and defend your main base, but with Undead it all depends on how you defend and use your heroes well.

MBCGame: In the Prime League 2 competition, you came second, how did you feel?

Sweet[SAINT]: I just felt sorry for myself, but I did my best, so I do not feel regretful at all. At the moment if I try harder then I feel a much better result will come out in the end.

MBCGame: What is the secret for controlling level 3 enemy heroes?

Sweet[SAINT]: Just pretend to escape, and then you use micro to surround their heroes, and kill them.

MBCGame: End

Sweet[SAINT]: End

I found this interview at Replays.Net and added my comments. The original interview translation was made by Frilbz from war3live.com as he told me. The original transcript in Korean of this interview can be found on MBC Game's website.

Update 1.14 available

2004 January 08

These are no good times for replay centric fan sites: After three weeks another patch made old replays obsolete. As Blizzard comments:

Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.13 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.14 version of Warcraft III).

The good news is that several bugs were fixed and some balance issues were changed. And before you cry too much about those replays: Read this hint how you can run old replays. Good luck!

Santa rifleman

2004 January 06

On the Blizzard strategy forum everyone got this red rifleman icon during Christmas holidays. Is Santa Claus a Warcraft hero?

Santa Rifleman