Far Seer

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Hints for beginners

Hints from Quiztar.

The first thing you need to remember is the variables of the game which are your gold, lumber and food. Once your food reaches about 60 used out of the maximum of 90 in Reign of Chaos maximum or 100 in TFT you begin to have some overhead which takes away from your gold intake. Which means that you should be on the move by this time and not standing around because chances are your opponent is moving and leveling up their heroes and perhaps expanding to more gold mines if the map is large enough if the game hasn't ended by a rush.

Watch as your gold increases. When you begin you get some workers. Put them to work on resources immediately and start your town hall building at once. After that take a few of the workers you originally put on resources of gold and lumber and have them begin building. For undead one acolyte can build up a base quite fast while more are made for the mine. Make some people for lumber and if you put all of your lumber people toward the closest tree at the start it can be good to get the wood in fast since you won't have a wood collection building (i. e. lumber mill or war mill or grave yard) for some time. Wisps are incredibly weak so keep your eyes on them and run them away in different directions and to another base if you are rushed. As soon as you see the rush coming have your extra wisps run away because if you lose your tree of life and all of your wisps you are doomed. But if it is a team game you could rebuild if you have strong allies who counter well.

As you build you should not have excessive amounts of gold or lumber. Continue to spend it. If you have to build another farm or orc burrow or ziggurat or moon well and your unit production ceases, cancel the unit being halted and make a technology increase or upgrade your town hall. Make more than one building to produce units and always try to expand if time permits and your partners in a team game agree. Don't go your own way in a team game though because it can end up tipping the scales in the favor of the enemy while you are off doing something else. Coordinate your movements with your allies.

Do not necessarily move in one straight line together go in a circle near your bases for counter strikes. Creeping can be helpful when you have the spare moments even in the frozen throne because some monsters have powerful items which can make a level 2 hero take another level 2 hero out in the right situation such as an orb of frost. Making a second hero is key, if not a third. When you select units select 11 units and a hero and press ctrl and the number key you want to assign to them. If they are going with the first hero you made press the number 1 with ctrl to assign the number 1 to select that hero with those units. When you make your second hero and assign units with it press ctrl-2. You don't have to have a dozen either. Just one other unit can be assigned with the hero. Two heroes can be assigned together. The point is that this helps you find them fast and move them in concert. You can also have units trail these units. It is best to have your spell casters such as healers be in the group with your heroes along with some heavy melee and anti air and have perhaps a strategy of either building attackers for a fourth suprise group or something to come in from the side once the battle is on.

The bottom line is that you have to experiment with different concepts. Team games are different from solo games in that you can make part of the total force and go with your allies and it is up to all of you to succeed or fail. In a solo game it is your own raw skill which will measure whether you will prevail over your enemy in Warcraft III.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!