Far Seer

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Counter units

Hints from MacMark.

You know that we have a food cap of 100 in Warcraft 3. That means, you can only build units until their food need reaches 90. Assume you and your opponent build as fast as you can, then you have the same amount of units. So, you will win if you have the right kind of units that do the most damage versus his units and suffer the least damage from his warriors.

We could try to list for every unit the counter-unit, but I want this somewhat easier to remember and looked for some rules of thumb. And here they're:

Melee units beat most ranged attackers and workers.

Ranged untis beat most spellcasters and most flying units.

Artillery beats buildings and most spellcasters.

Most spellcasters and air units beat most flying units and most low and high tech melee units.

Heroes are best attacked with melee units and shouldn't attack buildings.

If you sum it up, then we get a new kind of Rock-Paper-Scissors game, but this time with Warcraft 3 units:

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!