Far Seer

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Deceive your opponents

Tactic from Quiztar.

Deceive your opponents by sending a few units and an illusion of a hero to one of their bases to force them to use a teleport scroll and then attack another one of their bases far from it quickly. Use different scouting techniques than they might imagine you using. Hunt for creeps fast at the beginning of the game and make your units and technical upgradings to your town hall quickly so as to make better units as soon as possible. When you have units which are weak and are beyond help, use these units as the decoys so that you can free up food resources and make better higher quality units to fight with. Whenever decoying, always attack another base or a part of their forces you see standing around or the tail end of their forces moving to save their base.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!