Far Seer

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Hints from The-Penguin-Guy.

This is a general hint for both Warcraft games and all races.

In this game resources don't play as big a role as others. But it should not be ignored. If u can make your enemy have to spend resources e. g. revive hero, replace units, buy healing item, buy tp. He will be less likely to have the resources to get that upgrade to gave him the edge or to upgrade his main building to tier 2 so he can get better units, to get that second hero and to get that expansion he really needs. So how can you reduce his resources? Well you can hunt down and kill that last unit you didn't quite kill before he ran away, kill his hero (the higher the level the better, but im not saying kill hero instead of units), attack with such an impact that he has to tp or simply run away... or there is something much more cunning when attacking the base kill house they are generally weaker than other buildings and without them he can't make any units so they'll be his priority to replace. Or if you are against undead kill workers at the begining because undead have litte gold at the begining and workers cost a lot. When attacking humans try and keep his militia busy (he's getting no resources then) or run into an orc base he'll get his peons to burrows then run out as soon as they come out of burrows they'll come back in again and the run out, i think you get the idea, while this is happening he's getting no gold or wood. :) There or probably many more ways you can think of to make them use up resources so try these ideas then you'll have the edge. Email me for help if u need it.

The-Penguin-Guy from Northrend.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!