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Tactic from Quiztar.

Misdirection can be the key to winning in Team Games!!!

This is a team tactic for all races and both Warcraft versions (RoC and TFT).

In a team game the map will get filled with units very quickly so it is in the early moments of the game that your build order and micro capabilities will really make you stand out. Setup your base to maximize its defensive capabilities and build a lot of units, do not push for the technologies and upgrades unless you are confident your teammates are on the offensive and are unscaved by any of the enemy forces.

Watchout for roving runners who will setup towers near your base, these need to be destroyed at once or your game could turn into a pain in the behind. Try to find ways to practice with good friends or get into a clan which has some out of game communications such as websites or at least lets you use the new battle.net mail, see it at http://www.battle.net/mail

Clans and friends are important relationships to build upon. Have a name you use for practicing strategies and a name for random teams and a name for actual competition play and practicing with your friends and clan. Use your random team name in a clan as well to avoid having to AT with people you don't want appearing on your primary name(s).

If you aren't so concerned about records just jam on one account mainly like I do. But in the game keep your units moving in the creep hunting and go for a rush if you aren't rushed otherwise smash those rushers. If one base is rushed, do not have everyone teleport at once, these ploys often leave some bases exposed early on to onslaughts by a second team which leads me to the idea of this post.

Misdirect your enemies. Send them one way and go the other. Zig and zag, never stay in one place. Always anticipate them. When they rush one partner, if a couple of allies can handle them all there for a while rush a base of theirs instead of doing the predictible and going to the scene. Towering up behind your rush is a cool move too, just watch not to have your buildings attacked by creeps. And remember, stay in the team game until the end no matter what, save the replay if you think the enemies did well so you can view it from their perspectives without fog of war to learn their ways and always hand allies excess resources in games when you cannot spend them. These are TEAM games and the WIN for all will boost your number of wins, win percentage and level, so don't be selfish and never let them see you sweat. And also do not hollar or argue with allies, if you see someone isn't quite as good as you and they can't comprehend you, just do your best and go along with the flow of the game.

Here's an example replay: In this little game an undead comes a knockin' on my base's front door and finds his Death Knight Dead on Arrival and then his team tries rushing the far ally of mine and my team holds him off while I settle the score with the undead scoundrel in order to keep him from building more units like abominations and necromancers and they enemies soon cringe and give up. Twas a good game (gg).

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