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No tower rush

Hints from Quiztar.

This is a general building hint for all races on both Warcraft games.

Tower rushes don't work on the experienced players.

In the beginnings of the Reign of Chaos yes most players were new and tower rushes were common. However in this day and age there is no reason to play by the tower rush or die by the tower rush. Games should go on past five or ten minutes. If you tower rush you will either succeed or fail within the first several minutes and that's just no way to play this game in my book. I just played a game on Wesfall the beta tonight Saturday April 17, 2004, and submitted a replay to this site which I hope he can later link to and possibly show a screenshot from of how we were able to attack the enemies towers and keep ourselves afoot while the enemy spent themselves on these towers and ended up pressured to leave the game due to this inappropriate building order.

Build orders in fact are keys to how to win in Warcraft III. You need tower defense for your base. I think a good surround of your base of some towers is good but not quite as many as tower alley suggests because you would be spending too many resources on these fixed defensive items and not enough on the offensive buildings and upgrades to deliver the quality units and quantity of them that you need early on and throughout the game to sustain the early rush, creep and counter and final leveled up victory necessary. Towers are always good to bring in along the way but to put them up front in the first few minutes is premature at best, you need the upper hand in order to succeed.

Quiztar from Azeroth

MacMark's comment: The replay is from the not yet released 1.15 version of The Frozen Throne. Currently the common player cannot view it. Neither could I, so I didn't publish it.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!