Far Seer

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Smart moves

Tactic from MacMark.

This is a collection of smart moves that will help you from time to time, especially if you're new to this game:

Destroy items

If you killed some creeps and they drop more items than you can carry make sure the enemy won't get them: Use force attack to destroy the items on the ground.

Strategic cutting down

Your workers cannot only cut down trees to harvest you some lumber. If you direct a worker to attack a tree he will not gather lumber and deliver it to your base, instead he will only remove the tree and stay there. This is useful for cutting a forrest aisle in vicinity of your enemy and building some towers or placing some siege units in there that cannot be reached easily be the enemey cause you're surrounded by trees.

In later game you may want to use the demolisher for cutting down some trees, because he's much faster doing that. It's pretty surprising to attack the enemy's base out of the forrest where he didn't expect it.

Shopping at night

You want to buy some helpful items for your hero and you're too weak to kill all these ugly creeps guarding the shop or the like? You spare precious time and do your shopping during the (first) night time while most kinds of creeps are sleeping. It's even possible to send one of your workers to do the shopping.

A variant of this is to heal your army or replenish your mana during night at the fountains. The creeps won't harm you while they're dreaming of some real fat sheeps.

A further variant is, if your gold mine crashes and all other gold mines are guarded and you have no attack units to take another gold mine: Wait until night and sent all your workers to the next gold mine. The creeps will let them work and you earn enough gold to build something useful and the game goes on for you.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!