Far Seer

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Hints from MacMark.

In free for all (FFA) games it's a little bit of luck that you need to win besides skills: If you're attacked by several enemies at once you're in trouble. Basicly all you can do is to be the clincher in the fights.

In a nutshell I would suggest to get any kind of vision of the map and what's going on with far sight of the far seer for example. Every race has certain scout abilities or can use neutral buildings to make areas visible.You will notice when your enemies kill each other and what the weak spots are in their bases or if they're not at home.

Usually most FFA players tech fast and have no static base defense. Kill their gold mine and workers with air units (for example with wind riders). Kill their bases with fast ground units (for example raiders). Retreat both if the enemy returns. Make sure you've towers in your base.

You should look for expansion towns too: They're easy to destroy and if you're the only one who manages to maintain his expansion: Congratulations!

If one player kills the other's base you know that he himself is not at home. Go and kill his base while he's busy. But don't waste your army. It's enough to weaken the other guys from time to time.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!