Far Seer

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Human basic solo

Tactic from PyRo-SpYrO420.

I'm a human player, and I generally picked up strategies from gosu human players like Genji. Now, these are strategies that I use in solo. In random team it may be different. Always start with Archmage.

A good second hero would be Moutain King, maybe Blood Mage if they're Night Elf.

Against Undead, the best thing to go is mass foots with defend at first. Foots with defend will own fiends and will be protected against spirit towers. Later get some priests and sorcs. If they get air, such as gargs or destroyers, don't get sorceresses, just priests, and add riflemen to your group really fast.

Against Night Elf, footmen / riflemen / sorceresses with some priests. You might want to get a blacksmith early on and maybe a second barracks because riflemen are great against huntresses and archers. If they have lots of archers, obviously get defend.

I'm not that great playing an Orc player, I'd probably try a mix of the strats for Night Elf and Undead, except try not to get too many buildings. One barracks and one arcane sanctum is enough, maybe sometimes get an extra of one of those buildings. Try to start creeping very early, and tech really early.

With all that, the only other thing you can improve on is your micro, and you'll be a gosu player.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!