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Blizzard rush

Tactic from tim_g.

This is an offensive tactic for human players and both Warcraft types.

Get an archmage and if you want a couple of footmen. This works better on a map with lots of creeps. So what you do is you build your archmage and learn blizzard. Send them over to their base and try to lure some creeps to their base to do more damage. So you get your archmage and do blizzard on where the peons or peasents are so when they're running back and forth getting gold they are getting killed and the footmen are there to protect the archmage. This will slow them down very fast for a long time and if you're lucky it will also damage the town hall or great hall so then they will repair that and have less gold and lumber.

tim_g from Northrend

MacMark's comment: I added a screenshot for this below. If you're using The Frozen Throne, you can do this tactic with the blood mage hero too.

blizzard rush

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!