Far Seer

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Keep on flaming

Tactic from xOxDEANxOx.

This is an offensive tactic for human on The Frozen Throne.

Firstly you should purchase a blood elf hero and learn flame strike, then buy 2-3 potions of mana from your arcane vault.

Secondly go to your enemy's base and cast flame strike on the enemy's main building (town hall, great hall etc), keep on doing this until you run out of mana, then use one of your potions of mana and do it again, then when you run out of mana do it again and again. If the building is destroyed you can start on their gold mine mabye or other important structures. However many things can prevent you from doing this, like towers and enemy units, so it's vital that you bring units with you. Destroying this building will delay them greatly.

Thank you for reading
Glad my typing did'nt go to waste.

xOxDEANxOx from Northrend

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!