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Human Team 2B

Tactic from Ronstoppable.

This is a general hint for human and The Frozen Throne.

My friend Adam and I are currently using this ever evolving human strategy.

Here is the basic overview

The problem with many strategies is that they have a huge weakness that can be exploited or if they don't have a huge weakness they lack a huge strength. This is where my strat comes in. You basically tech up your casters and get gryphons. You use fully upgraded riflemen also to round out your anti air and to be able to fight against magic immune troops. You should first get weapons then guns then leather armor and then tech as you see fit but eventually you should have at least lvl 2 of these 3 areas if not 3 and make sure you get the barracks upgrades for mounts and the gryphons AoE upgrade.

Step 1: getting a good start

The important thing to do here is to have a good defendable base (building farms around towers and giving yourself room to move inside your base). You should start building 2 peasants then select 3 of your five and send them to the mine. Select the other 2 and hold shift.. now quickly build an altar and a barracks. Count about 5 seconds off to yourself and grab a peasant mining to build 3 houses (queue them in.. the ideal is to have 2 in red so you don't spend your resources all at once). After you do this wait a little bit and send a peasant get some wood and start building more peasants to fill out your mine. Have your first 2 builders queued up to harvest some lumber when they are done. You will also need to build a lumber mill fairly quick preferably as your building your first tower. Remember to build your base with defense in mind and spread out about 2 towers with 3 farms each. If you are getting ramrod rushed maybe build 3. In terms of units you should have about 5-6 footmen by nightfall and go with our little buddy the mountain king your next hero should be the paladin.

Step 2: The heroes

Why the MK? because he's small and he's an underused (look at the stats on his usage) human hero that has a great stun/nuke that has low mana cost and he's a little dude. He's pretty solid and a bitch to take down. The second hero you should get is the paladin due to his healing and divine shield. The third optional hero is either an Arch Mage or the Blood Mage. The AM basically is your mana battery/summons and the blood mage adds more hero killing and crowd control potential. Its your choice I usually go AM because all the hero abilities that the MK and paladin have are really mana intensive. When in combat to stop your heroes from being head hunted is to be proactive and storm bolt quickly and to have your paladin be on heal duty for our little buddy the MK/and your big units and use divine shield liberally because if you use it early you can use it later too and if you used it early you'll have more hit points later.

Step 3: Okay how do I use all this in my "big" fight or a fight earlier on?

Early on fights will be easy as long as you head hunt their heroes because most players will outright flee when their hero goes down. Just make sure you stagger out your units so you have an ever growing army. Your footies will be surpassed by riflemen... but don't throw your footies away at the enemy.. scout with them... use them as meat shields so you can take harder creeps out earlier.

Later on fights usually go like this for me.

Group 1- 2-3 Heroes 5 gryphs 4-5 riflemen

Group 2- (usually set to auto follow my AM or paly) 4-6 sorcs 4-6 priests

Group 3- (If needed they follow my MK) Knights, Gryphons, spell breakers, mortars basic idea here is to have a third modified group that adapts to any major threat.

My battle steps

  1. select group 2 and poly morph anything big and mean.. wind riders, tauren, chims , aboms , wyrms , hyppo riders.. you know the drill if they only have small units click the melee types.
  2. Usually i have all my priests go to inner fire.
  3. next thing I do is start using my hero abilities. AM summons a water elemental... paladin waits to take a lil damage then goes invuln.. and my MK throws a storm bolt at a weak hero (the younger hero or the caster hero... or the healer hero) Make sure you have bash and storm bolt if you have a really heavy hero dancing opponent. If he's more of a send in units first and keep hero out of the fight or he has mass little units get thunderclap instead of bash first.
  4. after that storm bolt hits its a full focus fire with my gryphs and riflemen on that hero till either he runs away goes invuln or I see that he's loaded up on healing items.
  5. Usually during steps 3 and 4 i keep a careful eye on health so i can drop a heal off on an expensive unit or my MK/AM. After his first hero drops chances are he's really dancing his second now.. so go after his heavy units or anti air. Summon another water elemental. Remember heavy armored units will take almost 100 damage a pop from each gryph. At this point you switch all your priests from inner fire to healing and while you're there if there are skeleton or treants that you can easily click out dispell them.
  6. Clean up kill his other heroes.. if he's running he's stupid because most of his units will be slowed or poly morphed.

Overall tips for this strategy:

Hope this works for you!


Ronstoppable from Azeroth, U.S. East

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!