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Air defense

Tactic from TheToilet.

This is a defensive hint for night elf players and The Frozen Throne.

This tactic is mainly to tech up yourself to get to air units. It works well against solo however it can work with 3v3 or 4v4. In 2v2 this tactic is worthless.

What you do is simple. First step is to build a moon well by trees a little ways from your hall so that no one can get in. Next build your alter right by it, and try to keep the distance inward.

I make a demon hunter to creep then distract the enemy.

After you do this, you build wisps.

I make about 8 wisps not counting the 5 in the mine.

Third you will want to make a moon well by your alter and an ancient of war by the moon well. Your ancient of war will act as a door to your base, when you uproot it, units can get in. It is imperative that you build your big buildings next to moon wells. For example, if you built your ancient or war by the alter, then small soldiers can get through. You can have some archers behind your wall just as defense too. When they start to attack make sure your hero is behind the wall. By this time you should be getting close to the other side where the trees are.

After this I upgrade my tree of life. To close up the remaining gap, build a hunters hall and moon wells. When your hall is done, I would make a protector behind your wall.

While this is going, you probably have your ancient of ages now. Immediately upgrade to eternity. You can also start building your hippos and upgrade to chims. Your hippos is mainly to protect your chims from air. After your eternity is upgraded, build your chims and now is the time for the destruction.

Wait until you have either 4 or 6 chims and 6-8 hippos. Then attack. This whole time, you can taunt them to attack your wall defense.

TheToilet from Kalimdor

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!