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Night elf archers

This is an offensive tactic for night elf players and both Warcraft types.

This is a beginner tactic, you can use it with both games, but i think it's more useful in Frozen Throne.

When you start the game you put 2 wisps in the goldmine 2 on wood, the last one on building a moonwell. You fill up the queue in building wisps and the next one that comes out you put on building an ancient of war or altar. Then you just keep on going until you have 5 wisps on goldmine and 5 on wood, the first hero you get out is the demon hunter, you build 3 ancients of war and 10 moonwells scattered around your base, (remember to put on auto-heal on moonwells) and then build nothing else.

The next two heroes should be moon huntress and then the centaur guy, but he's only optional, since if you have him then your other heroes will level up slower.

Then you only build archers, when you are maxed out with archers with and fair leveled hero assigned to each group then you are ready to attack. This tactic is effective and really easy. If someone attacks your base put your army around the moonwells and they will heal your archers as they get hurt.

As i said this is a beginner tactic. And i have moved on to far more complex tactics. But you can kick everyones ass with this.

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Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!