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Setting up a base with night elves

Tactic from wal0026.

This is a general hint for night elf players and both Warcraft types.

Ok this is for all of those people who like night elves, and are not willing to play as any other race, this is because if you stick to one race you can practice with it more. There you go I've already given you your first hint.

Right down to business first off send 4 of your 5 starting wisps to work at the gold mine, then get the left over wisp to start building a moon well. Next create 5 wisps and set the first one created to build another moon well, and then set the others to gather lumber. Ok by now the wisp that was building the moon well at the start should of finished by now, once he has then set him to the task of making an Ancient of War.

With that said you should know the names of all your buildings if you want to be a real warcraft 3 player, so just keep that in mind when your playing. Ok now when the wisp that was building the second moon well has finished, get it to build a Temple of Woods or something like that.

Oh and if you bad mouthing me about call the building the wrong name, it's understandable.

Alright when the Ancient of War has finished when you have the gold and lumber build 5 archers, and that doesn't mean making them at the same time! Ok now when the temple of woods is finished set the wisp that was working on it to collect wood, then create another wisp and get it to collect gold. And then finally make a hero best choose the Keeper of Grove, seeing as how he has abilities such as entangle, and force of nature. Then, along with your 5 archers, upgrade your hero by searching for creeps. And that's about the basics if there are any problems with this your going to have to fix them up, I'm sorry if it is.

Oh and one more thing about creeps and heroes, I saw this saying on the internet and I found it quite interesting 'A hero should never be killed by creeps, if you want consider yourself a good player'.

wal0026 from Northrend

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!