Far Seer

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Basic night elf 1v1

Tactic from sonofsamIII.

  1. Game begins, one wisp for altar and one for moon well.
  2. Build your moon well in a trap town position with 2 or 3 ancient protecters.
  3. Tech to ages while harass with hero (perfer Keeper of the Grove or Warden) with entangle and shadow strike.
  4. Don't build a ancient of war unless your enemy is really going for an all out rush. (You probably dont need any units for creeping, a Keeper of the Grove with treants and entangle is fine.)
  5. Build 2 ancient of lore and 1 ancient of wind as soon as possible when your tree is done. Pump out dryads and druids of the talon.
  6. Get 1 mountain giant with the damage resistance upgrade.
  7. Get a Priestess of the Moon with trueshot aura and go kick some ass.
  8. Keep using taunt with your montain giant (to force the enemy to attack only him) and have your ranged units position and slow and reduce armor.
  9. Get a couple of glaive throwers if they have a lot of towers.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!