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Night elf mix up

Tactic from sambo.

This is a general hint for night elf players and both Warcraft types.

Heya all;

With TFT, no longer can you just mass Dryads and win. The Frozen Throne benefits players who are prepared to mix up different units in their army.

My current team-play build is a fast tech to 'yads/DotT's, possibly with three or four MG's (mountain giants) tossed in the mix. Why? simple: MG's will soak up idiotic quantities of damage and provide a nice meat-shield to hide your high-damage/low hit point ranged units behind. The whole "taunt" thing with the MG's ensures it stays that way.

Heros: For my mind a keeper first (1 lvl roots at least, then treants/thorns IMHO) followed by a priestess then a dark ranger. If team-mates are amenable to the tech and the map allows and if i feel like it, i might take a priestess with, wait for it, Owl Scout first. Early scouting can win games. Downside is she will be pretty useless for combat early on, but it has worked often enough.

Another few words on the Priestess of the Moon: I laugh so loud when i see NE players with a purely range-based army and no priestess. She is the key to the NE in the same way a death-knight is key for undead. Besides, a well placed starfall is a game winner. As is a well placed tranquility from the keeper. OK: So we have our big ugly giants up front with oodles of magic immune 'yads and cycloney/faerie firing DotT's, all getting lots of Priestess good-juice. Hmm, 10 'yads and 12 DotTs with a 30% aura, thats like having 13 'yads and 16 DotTs, no? Ergo, the priestess' trueshot aura is a must for any NE army to have a skerrick of credibility (unless your build is pure MG's and Bears of course, but then your team-mates would probably appreciate it).

MEDIC!!: ahh, Druids of the Claw. once the only decent melee in the NE army, now relegated to providing much needed rejuves to MG's and heros and tossing the roar about. I find two, set to follow my priestess, and hotkeyed with all heros and MG's, they generally keep out of trouble and are around when times demand.

Big-bad tauren/abom/knight/starfalling enemy priestess of the moon et al Go Bye-Bye Now, Druids of the Talon: If you use them right, they will win games. more often than not, this is because they are fantastic mid-late game scouts. Three stormcrows who can cast faerie-fire can light-up the map in no time. Pop a FF onto a worker or low level unit, a creep even and retreat, go around the back and repeat form the other side. Most players don't think to run such units away, giving you a good look at what they are planning and giving you an edge.

Anti-air: Your dotts are your main anti-air. pop off a few cyclones and transform to take our air units if required, otherwise they deal out ok damage to ground when the priestess is about. FF is also a de-facto "buff" for the 'yads, nice as they can't be "roared". To save on mana costs, i will usually turn FF off auto cast until they have cycloned the first round of units. All in all a nice combo in a cheap (2 FOOD!?!, you can have shit-tins of them!), quick to build, tier two unit. Only hassle is they drop like flies as druids (flame-strike hurts!, keep an eye out for it, always). Use them wisely and they will reward you.

NUKES: Nukes, like humans (when i and many others use them) going Banish - Stormbolt - Flamestrike - Blizard all on one hero. NE's equivalent in my build is "entangling roots", followed by focus fire from all heros, yads and dotts. The 'yads slow poison aught to cut down the enemy escape until you root them again. Run past or to a rooted hero before opening fire again, this way the enemy will stay under fire longer as you aren't at max range when the roots wear off. With a demon hunter a little mana-burn speeds things up. If my ranger is dinged, life-drain makes the world a safer place for all.

In team games, with willing team-mates, the NE can do such things pretty quickly, providing you beat off the first rush. Know the maps, some maps make archers a necessity. I used to often play 2 v 2 with an undead-using friend. I would tech after four wisps had been built (before a hero, anyone?). He would pop out two, sometimes three extra ghouls onto wood (i would sling him gold asap) for me and by tier-two he would lob enough wood at me for two Lores and a Wind and a bunch of troops by the time they had been built, enough moon-wells had been built during the tech to ensure i could start building units FAST. Build wells in team-mates bases too!!, always a wise thing to do, whack a few wells in your mates towns, the hole "team" thing in "team" games yuh?, no-one will ever object, trust me.

Ok. i've said enough for a first post.
(one day i'll be back on b-net........, bring on that G5!)

sambo from Azeroth

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!