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Naga sea witch with night elves

Tactic from The-Penguin-Guy.

This is a building hint for Night Elf on The Frozen Throne.

For this tactic you need to be able to micro well. First off put 5 wisps in mine. Make 2 more wisps and get 1 wisp out from the mine and make him build an ancient of war near to the trees quite far away from your tree of life. With the first wisp make a moon well next to the ancient of war. With the second wisp make an altar of elders then make 3 more wisps. The first one on getting wood second on mine and third on wood and then make 2 more wisps.

When your ancient is done make 2 archers and when your moon well is done make him go and get wood when your altar is done make him go to the tavern and get wood there. When you can get a sea witch and get enough moon wells, then attack with the witch and the 2 archers. Try not to let anything die. When attacking upgrade your tree and get a hunters hall. As soon as the moon well is done put the wisp on wood and make as many archers as you can.

I generally don't attack again but you can if you like, normally I just creep and make sure my base is well defended. As soon as you can make another 2 moon wells. When your hunters hall is done get the upgrades that are for dryads and mountain giants.

When your tree has upgraded make 2 ancients of lore and 1 of wind and a shop and make loads of wisps and 3 more moon wells, and get a dark ranger. When you've finished building make 2 mountain giants and the dispell for dryads and about 5 dryads and 2-3 druids of the talon. Then kill all of your archers (they've served their purpose).

Once you're happy with your army (I like to make more dryads) attack! Pick off the units 1 by 1 and taunt the enemy away from your dryads and you'll own.

I'm sorry if i haven't explained this tactic well enough if I haven't plaese e-mail me and tell me what you don't understand and I'll try and explain it. Or you might want me to show you what I mean.

Email The-Penguin-Guy from Northrend.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!