Far Seer

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Orc archer huntress counter

Tactic from MacMark.

Especially new Orc players are facing the usual archers and huntresses rush performed by the Night Elf guys. Although annoying there's a way to counter it and win the game. Remember that Night Elf is pretty weak and archers and huntresses die like flies, if you fight with demolishers against them.

Many players claim that you cannot skip tier-1 units (the units you can build without upgrading your main building) without losing the game. In fact Orc has here a little advantage due to their nice towers. The towers let you protect your base pretty well against early tier-1 rushes. As soon as he comes with really threats, you have your tier-2 units like the demolisher. Since huntresses and archers are ranged units, upgrading to spiked barricades isn't necessary unless you want to hurt the melee demon hunter.

Spread towers in your base (yes, in not in front of your base!) and deploy burrows next to them so the enemy has a hard time moving all his forces at once through your base. Build two lumber mills to upgrade weapons and armor faster in parallel. Try to maximize both upgrades. Upgrade your town hall to tier-3 not too late which let's you upgrade the demolishers at the barracks with burning oil which is very effective. Spread a bunch of demolishers (more is better) in your base. Spreading the towers and demolishers allows them to protect each other and the enemy has to travel longer ways to get to the next unit. Command the demolishers to hold their position. They shouldn't follow the enemy. Take four dedicated peons and command them to auto repair the demolishers.

The Night Elf will rush you with a considerable sized group of huntresses and archers as soon as you have some towers and your first demolisher. Before he can shoot at your base, he is under fire by the demolisher.

By the way the orcish demolishers are superior to the glaive throwers of the elves.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!