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Troll Bats under used

Tactic from azn_fr3nzied.

This is an offensive tactic for orc.


Troll batriders are really nice units for harassing, the only good counter for them are either raiders or fiends, that's because of liquid fire and unstable concoction. If any air units come and try to kill you when you are harassing the struction just blow them up, they probably paid more for the unit than for your troll bat. With liquid fire you can destroy a whole town with just four of them. The effect of liquid fire are very nice, if a building has it in effect they take extra damage and can't be repaired which adds a very very nice touch. But however just don't mass troll bats they suck in hand to hand combat versus units, so just focus on buildings.

Race specific

This is what i usually do versus the different races


Versus human use the blademaster and mass grunts. Get a naga sea witch as soon as possible and demolishers: Build double barracks and harass the human.

Night elf

Versus night elf use the blademaster and mass grunts too. Get a naga sea witch as soon as possible and a few demolishers again. In this case troll batriders are a must ^_^, harass!


Versus undead use the tauren chieftain and grunts, creep, you can creep like 2-3 places at once now: Build double barracks and protect yourself with about 2-3 towers.


Versus another orc player use the blademaster and mass grunts. Get a naga sea witch or a shadowhunter and troll bats and prevent the enemy from getting any troll bats himself by breaking his voodoo lounge (that building is needed for building troll batriders): Build a single barracks and a beastiary, harass some.


The orc versuss undead strategy is a little hazy, which means it won't work as well as the others. I usually harass with just my blademaster as soon as possible and creep green areas (the low level creep camps are green dots on the minimap) with 2-3 grunts at the same time I'm harassing.

My record ("azn_fr3nzied" on Azeroth) might suck but i own -_- message me for AT (arranged team)

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!