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Blademaster usage

This is an offensive tactic for Orc players on The Frozen Throne.

Get a Blademaster then get the wind walk ability. Explore with your blademaster and and find the enemy base. Use your blademaster to go and whack the builder guys until the opponents hero or forces come. Then windwalk out and wait for the windwalk to regenerate again. Then go and critical strike the builder guys and keep whacking them until they die or the hero or forces come back.

When your blademaster is on low life then run back to your base and get a healing salve and heal him then after he has about full life go and whack the oppoenets builder guys again..

Expand while you are doing this "clever tactic" you build your forces up with grunts, headhunters and upgrade there attack and stuff. The opponent will be too distracted with your blademaster to be bothered with your base.

Author's nick = Sliproot
Author's gateway = Lordaeron
Author's email = Sliproot@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!