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Orc defender

Tactic from MacMark.

Orc is the defender race out of the four. I give some basic hints how you can defend your orcish base:

Build burrows with spiked barricades. If he comes, put some peons in and (this is important) put some peons to auto-repair the burrows.

Use watch towers spreaded in your base. Place them so that no melee unit can touch them: Behind burrows or between buildings. Of course the spiked barricades will help you killing melee units here too. Put some peons to auto-repair them under attack.

Get and handful of demolishers / catapults and spread them in your base. Put some peons to auto-repair those demolishers / catapults. If you move your demolishers out of the base to attack the enemy any time, bring those peons with them .

Auto-repairing burrows, towers and demolishers / catapults let them live much longer and you will be astonished about how much more damage your army can do.
Your enemy won't nearly be unable to bring those buildings down. He must kill the peons and loses his units.

Try a kodo beast and the endurance aura of the tauren chieftain to enhance all your units. This feels like doubling your army.

You can defend early rushes of night elves with huntresses and archers or another orc coming with grunts or those undeads coming with ghouls (that's the biggest fun for you!). As orc you're playing the defender race , you prefer to fight inside your own base giving you the win.

After his rushing units are dead feel free to bring some wind riders to harass his gold mine or workers. To raider rush him, to kill his main with some demolishers and the likes.

Of course in order to win you have to attack the enemy, being defensive always isn't recommended.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!