Far Seer

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Far seer harassing

Tactic from MacMark.

The Far Seer's wolves are perfect for harassing enemy workers. Why harassing the enemy workers?

Your opponent


How to do this?

You should get your Far Seer as soon as possible and make the wolves his first upgrade. As soon as you start building the Far Seer in your Altar of Storms start building the Voodoo Lounge too. Usually the Far Seer comes out when the Voodoo Lounge is finished. By two healing salves and a lesser clarity potion for him.

Send your two wolves to scout the possible locations of your enemy. Use way points for the wolves and send each one another way on his own - one clockwise the other one counter-clockwise arounde the map. Now you see where your enemy town is located.

On some maps you can buy a staff of teleportation at a goblin merchant. Go there during the first night and buy it for the Far Seer. The night will allow you to pass the sleeping guarding creeps. Use that staff of teleportation to move your hero alone and fast to any of your ground units. Maybe you put a peon near the enemy town, covered by a tree to teleport your hero between your base (for buying another healing salve and lesser clarity potion) and the enemy town (for further harassing). The staff of teleportation regenerates itself.

Move your Far Seer near to the enemy town, but make sure he cannot be seen and take care he's not in the way the enemy troops would travel in and out their town.

Send your wolves to kill a certain worker of the enemy. Target a single worker that is unprotected and not moving fast. That can be

and if no slow moving workers are unprotected

Keep the wolves selected, force them to kill the one worker, then pick the next worker. Don't care about being attacked. Exception to this is killing single weak (in terms of melee combat) worriors like the Night Elf's archers. That gives you good experience and the wolves make short work of them.

Your Far Seer should send another group of wolves as soon as the previous wolves are dead and gone. Use the lesser clarity potion to regenerate mana for the Far Seer while he's not under attack himself.

If your Far Seer is attacked, teleport him with the staff of teleportation out after making wolves again. This teleport leaves the wolves in combat. (The town portal scroll would take them with you and we don't wont that.)

This works even in free for all games with several opponents due the the fact that most players try to tech fast and won't protect their early base good enough.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!