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Hit them Hard then Hit them HARDER

Tactic from Archer_Alise

This is an offensive tactic for Orc on Reign of Chaos.

Hey so you wanna know how to quickly build a large army that will crush other armies, then listen up to this tactics that almost never fails.

  1. Send 2 peons to mine, 1 to lumber, 1 to build Altar of Storms and the last 1 to build an orc burrow ( make 2 by holding down shift and clicking were you want the other one to be, build them close to your gold miners so if enemy tries to rush you can defend.
  2. Build 4 more peons to go to mine and 3 more to harvest lumber. (Do this over time though!) When your Altar is finished make Blade Master, and if you have enough resources, upgrade your Town Hall to Keep (2nd lvl).
  3. Now this is were you decide do you wanna rush or not? If you wanna rush make your Blade Master run to the other base (I advise choosing Mirror Image) and attack the the harvesters of the other base (this may be effective because it slows down their mining). Personally I don't rush I go to a green dot and send my mirror image into battle first. Do this and then let your Blade Master do what he does best (that be slice other unites into little pices)
  4. When you Town Hall upgrades take 1 peon from lumber and 1 from gold and build 2 Spirit Lodge (well that little tent that makes Shamans and Witch Doctor)
  5. Upgrade Keep to StrongHold (u see if u have the right amount of peon u should have enough money to do this!) When both Spirit Lodges are done return peons back to work and upgrade the Shamans and Witch Doctors level (that little claw thing at the bottom of the screen). Build 3 orc burrows around the front of the base (for food and for defense)
  6. Your Blade Master should be lvl 2 by now so keep training up. When you finish first lvl of Shamans and Witch Doctors make 2 Witch Doctors. Then upgrade to lvl 2 of Witch Doctor and Shaman (that claw thing at the bottom of the screen).
  7. With the 2 new doctors you should be able to take on orange dots (with stasis trap). Now when you have upgraded for lvl 3 Shamans and Witch Doctors mass build Shamans and Witch Doctors.
  8. Take on monsters (creeps) till your lvl 5 (With Blade Master) then go to enemies base.

The battle. Before the battle make sure u are building Shamans and Doctors at your base, now when you fight make your Blade Master Mirror image then stasis trap all the way and 3-4 healing wards. If your lucky you will destroy the enemy now but most times they will just beat u thats ok. Wind walk out of battle and go back to your base. Oh look you have a whole new army (usually more powerfull) to go and attack straight away. So as you see hit them hard the hit them harder!!!

This is a good tactic but there is a flaw but i'm not going to tell you. LOL!!! Hope this helped. I'm not telling you the weakness of this tactic because any Non-Orc player may use it to there advantage.

Archer_Alise from Lordaeron

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!