Far Seer

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Orc guide

Hints from MacMark.

This is a guide for Orc players. It will be updated often until it's completed.

Invest in teleport

Make sure having always a scroll of home portal with you. It cost's 350 gold, but that's relative: One single big unit costs about the same.

So why? There're several situations that prevent you from running away and saving your army like being trapped in a corner or in the enemy's base. You will then lose all your army, all your heroes and then you will lose this game, because your enemy still has an army and got the experience for his heroes by killing so many units.

Another aspect is, that you can immediately save your base or your partner's base by teleporting to it. This gives you the freedom to creep or to harass the enemy all the time and you gain an edge over your enemy.

You can select the exact point inside the base you want to teleport to.

Always remember: It costs as much as a big unit and saves your whole army and your base.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!