Far Seer

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Raider patrol

Tactic from MacMark.

I guess most players are familiar with an orcish raider rush: Building a dozen raiders and raising havoc in the enemy's base, tearing down building after building pretty fast with the raiders' siege damage and fast movement. Moving out, if he teleports in and returning an harassing his base again, as soon as he left home.

These are my 5 cents on it:

The raider rush is used way too infrequently regarding the advantages you get by using it:

When moving into his base make two groups of your raiders and sent them on different paths into his base. Probably he will see one of the groups and think: Hm, pretty weak attack, no reaon to worry. The bigger will his surprise be when you arrive in his base with both groups. Don't attack only one building at a time, because not all of your raiders would be able to hit it. Instead direct them to different buildings, each group should attack another building.

In most games you will have an enemy with two bases, and this is much more fun: Into how many bases can he teleport in emergency? Right, usually one. You send a group of raider into each base attacking them simultaneously. He will not only waste precious time deciding where to teleport or run to. He will lose one of his bases, because he can only defend one usually.

When attacking his base, target those buildings, that are not guarded by towers or the like so that you suffer no casualities. In case all buildings are protected kill the towers first. To set him back, you should kill his food buildings like burrows and farms. A great setback is killing a level 3 town hall of course.

Always remember that the only units you should attack with raiders are workers and ensnared units.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!