Far Seer

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Tower corridor

Tactic from xOxDEANxOx.

This is a defensive tactic for Orc players.

Do you find it annoying when the enemy runs in and kills your peons? Well I have a great way of stopping it. When your peons are mining they are walking in a repetitive line backwards and fowards, If you build towers on either side of this line your peons should be very protected at all times, however you must leave a small space for your peons to get out.

Here I've tryed to make a sort of picture:

      (MAIN HALL)(peons peons peons)(GOLD MINE)

I hope you understood this diagram.

Good luck!
xOxDEANxOx from Northrend

MacMark's comment: I made the additional screenshot below. I hope it shows what you mean.

tower corridor

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!