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Tower rush

Tactic from MacMark.

Another common tactic that every Orc player should know. But the other races should know about it too. Why? Because it's pretty annoying and if you see it too late, it's usually literally too late. This is my description of the orcish tower rush:

As with every rush you do this as early in the game as possible. For building the watch towers you need a war mill. This tactic needs units only for support purposes. The main idea is to build a little outside your enemy's base some towers (more is better). The key is that he discovers the towers too late to fight and win versus them and you build towards his base attacking him with the towers. After the first bunch of towers are up you should send some units like grunts and troll berserker to protect them. Of course your hero is there in the beginning; either distracting the enemy or protecting the towers.

The best is you get demolishers (or catapults if you're playing the vanilla version) soon and place them right next to the towers. Put them on hold mode so they stay there and don't follow the enemy. The demolishers (catapults) will make short work of the enemy base protected by the towers.

You should have about four peons there put in auto-repair mode to keep the towers and demolishers alive. Your first upgrade should be the spiked barricades. So enemy melee attackers are damaged.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!