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Fast And The Furious

Tactic from NiMP.

This is an orc with undead team tactic for The Frozen Throne.

My brother and i have played wc3 for a long time both, so we are pretty damn sure Gao Shou :S We use this tacc FATF (fast and the furious) because its effective vs. every mixed race. It's all about making your team faster, and the opponents slower. Thats why the Orc makes TC (endurance aura and stomp) with grunts, and the Undead fiends with DK (unholy aura). Always have a 2nd hero with both races, the natural selections for UD is ofc. Lich (frost nova) or Naga (frost arrows). And the second hero for Orc is the Panda, b.o. the drunken haze thing that slows the enemy a great deal. In the late game, if u havent punished the enemy with your raging horde of orcs and the scourge, the undead makes banshees and destro/statue, and the orc gets the regular shaman, docs and taurens. This way none shall stand in your way!!!

NiMP from Northrend

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!