Far Seer

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Team heroes

Hints from MacMark.


If you play team games you should use heroes who give the whole armies an advantage. Consider using the endurance aura of the tauren chieftain for example: In solo games he enhances your army, in team games he enhances up to 4 armies. A four team army moving and attacking 30% faster than without the hero's aura will help you to win. All races have heroes with auras and you should use them in team games.

My favorite is the shadow hunter at level 6 featuring the big bad voodoo spell: All units around him are invulnerable for half a minute. Although in most games you reach level 6 a short time before the game is over it's still a great help.

Make sure your hero carries one or two healing items that are useable during combat. Most players focus fire your hero and will waste their fire power and time because your hero restores his health while your units bury the enemy army. A good job do heroes like the shadow hunter (healing wave) or others with healing spells: They keep themselves and the other heroes alive during combat.

Heroes for the races


Human should use the paladin with holy light (heals a unit, use on friendly hero during combat) and devotion aura (extra armor for all).


Orc should use the tauren chieftain with endurance aura (increases speed and attack rate for all). Or the shadow hunter with healing wave (heals up to five units) and big bad voodoo (all units are invulnerable for 30 seconds except the shadow hunter himself).

Night elf

Night elf should use the the keeper of the grove with thorns aura (melee damage shield for all) and tranquility (healing rain for all). Or the priestess of the moon with trueshot aura (extra ranged attack damage for all).


Undead should use the death knight with death coil (heals a unit, use on friendly hero during combat) and unholy aura (increased speed and life regeneration for all). Or the dread lord with vampiric aura (melee units gain hit points when they hit a unit).

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!