Far Seer

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Master and commander

Tactic from MacMark.

This is a random team tactic for both Warcraft games and all races. It shows you how to win when your ally leaves the game.

Bad starting situation

It's annoying if one of your allies leaves the game right in the beginning. Your opponents will start telling you "good game" and "please leave" expecting your sure loss. But they're wrong. They're too sure to win this game.

Great winning solution

What should you do? The main idea is to perform a fast basic units rush.

How to do this? You take control of the abandoned base. In that base and in your base You do the same:

You begin your rush with the heroes and about two warriors for each hero. Attack the first base you find. Probability is high that your enemy didn't expect such a hard rush in this a situation.

Example replay

I give you two replay as examples. This is the first replay (for The Frozen Throne 1.15). Our enemies had higher levels than me and my partners, nonetheless we won:

It's a 3v3 game. One of our allies left the game right in the beginning. The enemy told us to "please leave".

I told my remaining partner where we will rush. Then I took control of the abandoned human town hall in the west and built a base with two barracks, a black smith, built a hero with devotion aura and basic units only: footmen and riflemen. In my orcish base I built two barracks and grunts only. I made his army a control group and mine the other. Hot-keyed his and my unit producing buildings, setting the way points onto his and my hero.

And in the end it was me who told them "please leave" ;-)

Here's a second replay for The Frozen Throne 1.16.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!