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Night elf team

Tactic from Quiztar.

Hero Rush, Counter Hunt and compelling victory.

This is a tactic for night elf with The Frozen Throne

As a night elf especially when you can be teamed with another night elf it is good to do a duel hero rush on one enemy base while a third ally hero rushes just before you go rushes another base of the enemy to throw them off. Take in the Keeper of the grove or the Demon Hunter and a Warden with her spell which degenerates hit points over time and focus fire on an enemy who is not a Night elf. Hopefully you will be able to take out the enemy hero and any units which appear to aid the hero while the enemy's allies are busy focusing on the first hero rush your ally sent in. If you are countered regress to your bases to heal.

Make two ancients of war of course and go heavy on huntresses and glaive throwers and then level up swiftly your heroes along that course of the build while your enemies try to regroup from your initial rush. Techup and upgrade one of your two night elf trees of life, but not all of them to eternities. Only one of you should end up finally with Mountain Giants and possibly the big bad Chimeras. The other allies should share resources so you can techup your fleets and you should share your units to provide for maximum effectiveness in combat against the enemy to dance your troops and micro your movements, keeping workers on the job, etc. The third and fourth partners should make moderate armies as well to defend against meager incursions. Do /stats playername on all of your enemies and whichever one has the most games on record, scout out where they are and make sure they end up hardest hit as soon as feasible, but if they aren't on the way just get to them on the way.

Have your ancients of wind built in pairs as well like the ancient of wars, and make units at the same time out of them. Druids of the talon can whirlwhind troublesome enemies out of the way during combat while you pick off many units and then you can finish focus firing these more industrial sized foes. Why do I say the Night elves should be focused on in the game? Because their moon wells heal all allies of theirs, all allies can be provided safe haven by them, human, orc and undead alike, and they can counter to their bases quite well and remass with ease. A well microed pair of night elves can take on an entire team of players with two other allies just passing over extra lumber and excess gold. Of course the same could be said of a force of massed air units for humans which micro well but the night elves have the moon wells and walking buildings and their healing works for everyone which provides the keeper of the grove a decisive advantage when leveled up.

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