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Team play for dummies

Hints from GabrielVilleda.

First of all I would like to say that my Bnet handle is: GabrielVilleda and that I am a lvl 15 with random team games. I do not say this to brag but to try and sound like I know what I am talking about. By the way if you would like to play a few with me or just chat it up add me to your friends list and if I am not in a game I'd be glad to discuss with you.

Well most of the people on battlenet play random team games yet most have no idea how much a difference there is between team games and solo games. In this article I am going to try and outline some basic playing strats and tips for those just starting out or for those looking to better themselves in this complex and rewarding game. While there are many tips I could give you I have opted for the ones most people do not follow.

  1. Never go into a game and say "We're gonna lose". I cannot even begin to count the amount of times I have heard this yet people have yet to realize that saying this can really impair their "game" and really cause them to lose the game. Warcraft III is largely a psychological game. From the loading screen that shows the lvl matchups to the seemingly endless trash talk. Always retain a postive outlook on things and make sure your team does the same. I have felt this way before and let me tell you it hurts you. It is like having low self-esteem in real life. People like that are very cowardly and reclusive. This can be noticed if the person who thinks hes gonna lose doesn't creep or just excessively towers.
  2. If creeping and attacked by the other enemy (getting creep jacked) immediately run away. Most maps for team games are split into two symetrical sides vertically. One half essentialy belongs to the other team and one to yours. So if you are attacked by the enemy and you are on your side then it would be wise to run. This has to be the most commonly made mistake I see online. People don't understand that if the enemy is on your side then it is prolly ALL of the enemies men. It is then pretty much 4v1 if you decide to fight them. This in turn brings the base they attack 4v3 and gives them a big advantage. However, things like towers or moonwells can even it out but it would not be wise to chance it.
  3. If your opponents just attacked and are currently destroying one of your bases and you have wasted your men DO NOT SEND MORE. No cannon fodder, no free experience and no free hero level gaining for your enemy! While there are exceptions to this like for instance if they only have 5 guys and you have 20. However most of the time when this happens players send a trickle of units to that base only to get slaugthered for no reason. Instead, mass up at the next logical attack point and fight it out there. Do not lose hope because many a time me and my teammates have fought and won due to the massive power of heroes. So by massing men instead of sending one or two at the enemy you greatly increase your chance of fighting back an attack.
  4. If your base is in the current state of being destroyed try at all means to have a peon escape. If your teammates are able to pull a #3 then you will probably be able to reclaim your old base. This greatly helps your teammates out because any extra units are always helpful.
  5. If your base is in the current state of attack and if you are able to provide extra assistance other than units then do so. I am talking about burrowing for the orcs, turning moon wells on automatic and uprooting any ancients that are NOT the main ancient (Ages, Eternity), and for the undead to use ghouls gathering wood. Now in extreme cases where you need filler units to take some hits, humans can use call to arms to create mini footmen to try and turn the tide of battle.
  6. If your teammate is under attack always use a scroll of town portal unless you are very close by and make sure to get there at around the same time. Team warcraft is basically strength in numbers. So if your opponent attacks with 50 units and three of your guys defend with 35 and your 4th member is on the other side of the map running towards you then you are at a disadvantage. Lets say you manage to kill 10 of the other teams units and you suffer 20 casualties. That puts it at 40, other team, and 15 your team. At this time your teammate comes and makes 30 vs 40. You can see that you are at a disadvantage again and will probably lose the fight. That is why it is crucial for the person being attacked to ping his base to alert the others of the need for them to get there now. This is one of the main reasons why rushing works so well. Poor teamwork is very big on team games and rushing exploits this.
  7. Never leave just because things look grim. I need to repeat that. Never leave. There are many people who leave after the first base falls and even more after the second one falls. I have come back from about 45% games where it was 2v4 as opposed to though who just quit. There are many things that can happen thoughout the course of a game such as battlenet problems causing others to disconnect, opponents having to leave for whatever reason or they just run out of cash. The latter is the most likely and the easiest to come back from. When in this situation it is imperative for you to utilize the power of heroes and use them in groups and some units to take out expansions and hit bases. This strategy is greatlly helped with great ultimates like Inferno, Metamorphasis, Starfall, Mass Teleport, and Earthquake. It is also helped out by using the power of moon wells to repeatedly hit and run. If you are able to get your heroes lvl high enough and to destroy expansions then you have evened the game out.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!