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Team player

Hints from MacMark.

I started playing random team games and want to share my knowledge about it. These hints will be updated from time to tme.

If you play (random) team games you need additional skills beyond being a good single player. What makes a good team player:

I had a teammate "aeg" and he was always telling me what to do and what not to do in our game, he didn't trust me. He went angry more and more and left the game although his base and army were okay. After he left I killed one of our two opponents on my own and the remaining enemy had no expansion and no money and couldn't build anything in the end but he got me. I'm sure we would have won, if my teammate had trusted me and played until the end.

The same day I played a game with "aslac" and another game with "schobiii". Both players were good teammates and as I remember we won.

In team games you should think again about what heroes you use and which skills they should learn. Heroes with an aura are very good because the aura improves your teammate's army too. For example the tauren chieftain with endurance aura is a good team hero.

In most team games you will see these tactics: Either a teammate that asks you to rush the enemy or the enemy team trying to rush you. Rushing works only if you detect and kill a very weak member in your enemy team or the enemy team is a bad team unable to help each other. In my opinion rushing isn't good enough. I suggest building some defense in your base first, stopping the enemy rush in your base (or your teammate's), having teched to a superior level meanwhile and destroying the enemy with some counter strikes.

Blinded by their rush, team players build usually no base defense. Especially the gold mine and workers of every race are an easy target for you. Way more often than in solo matches. Go and destroy their economy and expansions.

You can do other tactics as when playing solo. Since you're not alone some team mates can use tier-1 units to protect against an early rush and the other team mates can tech to a higher tier and surprise the enemy with early high-level units. Many players out there don't believe me, but I won a lot of team games by teching to wind riders and killing enemy workers and expansion towns with them. In solo games you would be toasted by an early rush if you tech too early, but teams give the chance for every player to specialize in certain units. It really turns the game around if you can kill their workers and expansions. Of course this is hit and run. As soon as they return to the attacked base you should move to another base or heal your units. The voodoo shop is a must-have for orc players.

You can win, if you tech early to wind riders and kill enemy gold mines and expansions. Additionally the enemy's rush forces have usually no anti-air units because they rely basicly on grunts, ghouls, footmen and huntresses. If the other team players do their normal game play they're able to protect the teching player from rushes. Why? The attackers have more units, I grant, but the defenders have their towers, burrows and the likes plus workers repairing them during combat.

Not because this site is named after that dude, but because it helps more than most players think the far seer with far sight gives you a great advantage in the game. You can detect for your hit and run or for a big assault all expansions and check their base protection and then decide where to attack. Most team players move into one enemy base and have no idea what to expect there. The far seer tells you where your attack would be a success.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!