Far Seer

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Sacrificial Skull

This is a building hint for undead players on the The Frozen Throne.

When you first start your game get your hero and purchase a sacrificial skull and run to the enemy base. Place the blight (created by the skull) close to the enemy base, but be sure not to place it too close, this will result in disaster. While doing this tech to level 2 and start producing necromancers.

While teching your main build 3+ graveyards in the blight by the enemy base. Send ghouls and necromancers to the graveyards (change gouls to spiders if you want) and lure the enemy out whith your hero.

This tactic works best if you manage to create the blight and graveyards fast and undetected so you can attack quite soon in the game before the enemy gets a big army. This tactic works in solo and 2v2.

Author's nick = bapthiser
Author's gateway = Northrend
Author's email = jens.rosenberg@edu.hel.fi

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!