Far Seer

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Hints from MacMark.

Many players use focus fire (many units targeting one single enemy unit) to kill certain units at first and faster. This requires that they can see and distinguish the target units. If you use the scroll of protection all your units will get this white big fat shining cross above them and no-one can distinguish your units anymore. Well, except yourself because you have your units hotkeyed and you can see the groups in your bottom window. The enemy has now a hard time to find his favorite target because he's dazzled and he will probably attack your units randomly. This means the units attacking your units won't do optimal damage, because he cannot use the correct counter units. But you can use your best counter units to kill his army faster.

The scroll of protection's effect lasts for 30 seconds (usually the fight is over then) and increases the armor of all friendly units by 2. It's an annoying surprise. Used in team games the effect is even bigger because your allies' armies are affected too.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!