Far Seer

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Early and late heroes

Hints from MacMark.

There're different aspects to distinguish the available heroes. One of them is how good they're for random teams.

Another aspect is how they fit into early or late game

Some heroes are stronger than other during the early game. Other heroes are stronger in the late game. The early game heroes are usually the melee heroes that can take out ranged heroes.

The ranged and area-of-effect heroes and the ones with an aura are better for late game. Also those anti air heroes that can attack air units are better for late game. Air units are typical for late game.

It depends on your tactic. If you harass or try to finish the game early you should chose other heroes opposed to planning for a long game with leveled heroes.

Now let's check the heroes

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!