Far Seer

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Orc rush and support

Tactic from MacMark.

After doing a lot of random team games, I found a good way to be a strong and useful Orc player. This is a random team tactic for The Frozen Throne.

The basic idea is to harass your enemies in the beginning and later support your allies with casters.

Heroes and spells to use

I suggest getting the Shadow Hunter as your first hero. The spells he should learn are "healing wave", "serpent ward" and at last "big bad voodoo". Usually I prefer "healing wave" to be the first ability to learn, because keeping your and your allies' units alive is very important in the beginning. The serpents are annoying when you spam your enemy with them. He will have too many targets, especially with few units in the beginning. The voodoo spell is one of the best team game spells ever since he makes the allied armies invulnerable.

The Tauren Chieftain is due to his "endurance aura" a great team hero improving all armies. The larger the army, the greater the effect of it. Thus he's the second hero for me, coming into game when armies are larger. The second spell he should learn is the "war stomp" for stunning and damaging enemy units. The ultimate spell "reincarnation" and the passive spell "endurance aura" make this hero easy to handle. He doesn't need much care.

As third hero I would use the Far Seer with "chain lightning" against air and casters and "feral spirit" (the wolves). I know the Far Seer is a great hero and most players chose him in solo games as their first (and only) hero. But random team is not solo gaming! The Shadow Hunter and Tauren Chieftain are by far the better team heros. Check the team heroes page too.

Early game

When the game starts you should show that you have an idea what to do, giving your team some self confidence. I usually ask for "basic units rush" in the beginning.

I found that upgrades researched at the war mill aren't that important for winning. The main purpose for building a war mill is, if you need demolishers to kill towers and towns.

You should build the usual burrow, altar and a first barracks. Having a second barracks is only necessary if you're planning to lose your units in fights and don't retreat them early enough. In such a case you can rebuild faster with two barracks. Get the shadow hunter with heal as first hero. Improve his heal and serpent ward spells.

Basicly you take your first hero and some grunts and harass the enemy or creep. Don't stay in your base. Because you care not to lose your units, you will go on harassing and creeping. Harassing will force them to waste town portals and interrupt their base building while creeping gives you a stronger hero and extra money and denies the same for your opponents. Remember that creeps are a resource in Warcraft and they all belong to you.

Mid game

After you got the first four or five grunts, you build a voodoo lounge and use the healing item to keep your army healthy. Use the scroll of speed too and of course the mana item.

Upgrade your town hall to stronghold. Build two spirit lodges and always enough burrows. Get some shamans and witch doctors and research for both at the spirit lodges new abilities. Get some spirit walker too.

You spam now sentry wards everywhere you go. They last 10 minutes giving you a lot of information. Put one in every friendly base (for detecting invisible units) and send single witch doctors to enemy bases to place a sentry ward there too. Put sentry wards near new gold mines and shops etc. Put them in ways the enemy will use to come to you. Slow enemies with stasis traps and purge when you retreat. Use lightning shield to keep enemies visible for some time too. Be sure to use stasis traps during battle too and leave some room between them, because they would destroy each other.

Use the spirit walkers to check out enemy bases, patroling around or following the enemy army. Because they take no damage from physical attacks while in ethereal form you can often use them without being attacked.

Get the tauren chieftain with endurance aura as second hero. Improve his aura and war stomp.

Late game

Upgrade to fortress and research the new spells for witch doctor and shaman at the spirit lodges. Build more shamans and witch doctors.

Get the far seer with chain lightning as third hero. Improve that and feral spirit.

Use the witch doctors' healing wards to keep the allied army alive during battle and the shamans' blood lust to improve the attack rate and speed. Your shadow hunter will around this time get to level 6 and you can select to learn big bad voodoo. This and the spells mentioned above make you and your allies nearly invincible.

Disclaimer: Caution! Kids, don't try this at home!